For pricing, chair options, and our how to videos see below 

To place an order by phone you can call or text us at (707)430-1671

To place an order by email you can contact us at baileychairs4dogs@gmail.com

Please include the following information:

  • All 5 measurements in the how to measure video

  • Dog's age

  • Dog's current weight

  • Breed

  • Photo of dog to see body style

We will contact you back with size needed and all chair choices

PLEASE do not click "buy now" without an order summary from us


  • All wood construction, sanded and ready to paint or stain.

  • Your choice of our selection of vinyl colors and door cut outs.​


  • Fully padded vinyl interior.

  • All hardware included.

  • Chair comes with paw rest seamlessly upholstered onto door.


  • Add a built in bowl (price varies by size, replaces paw rest. Paw rest does not accommodate a food bowl)

Sizes and Prices: (Shipping and handling additional)

Style 1 Prices:

XS: $120 S: $145 M: $170 L: $200 XL: $275

XL Chairs are for Giant breeds

Some Giant breeds will fit into the perimeters of a size

large chair

Style 2 Prices:

XS: $140 S: $170 M: $200 L: $250

 Your choice of two chair styles



  • All wood construction, sanded and stained.

  • Fully padded vinyl covered interior.

  • Your choice of our selection of vinyl colors, stain colors and door cut outs.

  • All hardware included.​

  • Chair comes with paw rest upholstered onto door


  • Add a built in bowl (price varies by size, replaces paw rest. Paw rest does not accommodate a food bowl)

  • You may also purchase a paw rest and dog bowl combo

Please note that style 1 is really all your megaE dog needs.  

Style 2 only has a higher back to give it the “chair” look. Dogs don’t lean their heads back onto it. Dogs lean forward onto the door. 

We are very passionate about our donation program and try to save every scrap of material we can. 

The price difference reflects wood/material used that is for “the look” of the chair and not necessary for the dog 


XL chairs only available in Style 1 to save on shipping costs 


Sizes and Prices (Shipping and handling additional)



Style 1 Prices:

XS: $170 S: $200 M: $235 L: $275 XL: $385

Style 2 Prices:

XS: $190 S: $225 M: $265 L: $325


  • For large breed growing puppies.

  • Available in Basic or Customized.


  • Adjustable paw rest allows chair to grow in height with your puppy 

  • *Add built in bowl- (prices vary by size, replaces paw rest. Paw rest does not accommodate a food bowl )

Adjustable for growing puppies

Basic: Sizes (+S&H)

S/M: $200  M/L: $275  L/XL: $345


Customized: Sizes (+S&H)

S/M: $265  M/L: $350  L/XL: $430  


Check with your Veterinarian

*All Chairs are designed for dogs to be sitting in the upright begging position only. This is the best position for your Megaesophagus dog. They should not stand in or lean out onto doors/tray tables.

Tray tables and doors are not designed to be leaned or stood on. This may result in damage to door and the doors hardware. It may also result in the chair tipping and injury to the dog.

Dogs should be supervised at all times while in the chair.

Dogs should not be allowed to jump into or out of the chairs. Please train your dog to only enter and exit the chair once you have opened the door and released them.

We are not responsible for any damage or injury do to misuse of chair.

For shipping purposes, assembly is required.

Beacuse each chair is custom and made to order they

are non-refundable and non-returnable. 

Chair orders can not be cancelled once production has started.


How to assemble your Bailey Chair.

Your style of chair may be different than the one in the video

All style of chairs go together the same way. Please feel free to call if you have any questions 707-430-1671