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How to Place an Order

Please call, text or email us ALL the requested information below and we can assist you with placing your order.

You can contact us by email at

You can contact us by phone or text at (707)430-1671


Please include the following information:

  • All 5 measurements in the "how to measure" video below.

  • If you are ordering an adjustable chair for a growing puppy, please send your puppy's current measurements

  • Dog's age

  • Dog's current weight

  • Breed

  • Photo of dog to see body style


We will contact you back with the size needed and all chair choices

PLEASE do not click "buy now" without an order summary from us

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How to measure your dog

We now have faster production times to get your dog into a chair as quickly as possible!

Bailey Chair for adult dogs of any size


Production time is 10 business days . *Please note: wood stain will increase your production time. (please allow 24-48 hours to process your order)

Prices include fully a upholstered interior and your choice of an interchangeable paw rest/built in bowl tray or interchangeable paw rest/solid slanted tray

CLICK HERE to see it in action.

Sizes and Prices: (S&H additional)

XS: $185  S: $235  M: $275  L: $325  XL: $425


Adjustable Bailey Chair

For growing puppies!


The entire door is on lift-off hinges.

The door easily moves up as your puppy grows.

We have done away with the adjustable tray that leaves an open hole in the middle of the chair. The chair is now safer and sturdier for your growing puppy.

Adjustable chairs can be made portable for an additional charge.

All wood construction

Fully padded vinyl interior (see vinyl choices below)

All hardware included

The chair comes with an interchangeable built-in bowl/paw rest combo.

CLICK HERE to see it in action.


Sizes and Prices (S&H additional)

XS/S: $265  S/M: $310  M/L: $380  L/XL: $475

For dogs on the go!

All wood construction

Fully padded vinyl interior (see vinyl choices below) 

All hardware included

The chair comes with an interchangeable built-in bowl/paw rest combo.

CLICK HERE to see it in action.

Can fit into its own carrying case. (case additional, prices vary depending on size needed)

Your choice of our selection of vinyl colors, design on door, and wood stained finish.​ 


Portable Travel Chair

Sizes and Prices (S&H additional)

S: $300  M: $375  L: $475

Production time is 16-18 business days



Check with your Veterinarian

We do not recommend the built-in bowl for brachycephalic dogs.

Brachycephalic dog breeds: Boxers, Pugs, English bulldogs, French bulldogs, Cavalier Kings Charles spaniels, Pekingese, Boston terriers, Pomeranians, and Shih-Tzu's.   

*All Chairs are designed for dogs to be sitting in the upright begging position only. This is the best position for your Megaesophagus dog. They should not stand in or lean out onto doors/tray tables.

Tray tables and doors are not designed to be leaned or stood on. This may result in damage to the door and the doors hardware. It may also result in the chair tipping and injury to the dog.

Dogs should be supervised at all times while in the chair.

Dogs should not be allowed to jump into or out of the chairs. Please train your dog to only enter and exit the chair once you have opened the door and released them.

We are not responsible for any damage or injury due to misuse of the chair.

For shipping purposes, assembly is required.

Because each chair is custom and made to order they

are non-refundable and non-returnable. 

Chair orders can not be canceled once production has started.

SHIPPING: We currently only ship within the United States and Canada.

For Canada shipping: Bailey Chairs 4 Dogs is not responsible for any customs

and taxes applied to your order. All fees imposed during and after shipping are

the responsibility of the customer. (tariffs, taxes, etc.)

Stain Choices
Vinyl Choices
Applied Design Choices
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